In Collaboration with Adrian Kelterborn, Magnum in Motion, New York
Neue Schule für Fotografie, Berlin
October 2010


Journeying 66

These photographs by Rosemarie Zens, a crossover-artist who works in both
photography and literature, are testimonies to the legendary Route 66 and our
collective 1960s way of life.
Over 40 years ago, Zens followed the siren call of freedom on the road. She then
retraced her journey in 2010, witnessing how the highway had in the meantime
been transformed into a kind of museum.

Out of a mixture of private memories and allusions to social ideologies and media
myths, the photographer has developed a unique pictorial language. What interests
her most is how the myths of the road can be related – from image to reflection to
image – to create an absurdist, almost surreal and yet contemplative perspective.

From the very beginning the artist is confronted with the question: is it possible
to subvert a myth without ironically breaking it, to modify it with one’s own insertions?
This myth – long an element of our collective memory – holds in our subconscious the
images from John Steinbeck’s socially critical novel  „The Grapes of Wrath“ (1939)
woven together into the all-American going on the road – there’s always something
to find that is better, there is 
something new down the road, around the bend. 

Essays by Rosemarie Zens and Wolfgang Zurborn

Selected title German Photo Book Award 2013

dfpaufklebernominiert20030 x 23 cm
96 pages
43 color ills.
Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2012
ISBN 978-3-86828-275-7
$ 45,-

Journeying 66 may be ordered through or (Consortium Book Sales & Distribution, USA/Canada
Signed copies are available by contacting the artist

Review by Freddy Langer FAZ March 14, 2013