Rosemarie Zens

The Sea Remembers – Special Edition

This special edition contains Klaus Honnef’s opening speech “Visual Journeys to Landscapes Recalled” to the exhibition “The Sea Remembers” at Kommunale Galerie Berlin from April 25 to June 10, 2018, and an interview with Rosemarie Zens, conducted by Frank Meyer, RBB Kulturradio.


Klaus Honnef
Visual Journeys to Landscapes Recalled

Technically speaking, photography is a variant of the process of visual reproduction that first emerged with the camera obscura, but in any case before the digital process asserted itself for the capture of photographic images…
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PhotoWerkBerlin / Kommunale Galerie Berlin
April 25 – June 10, 2018
curated by Norbert Wiesneth


Special Edition:
Edited by Rosemarie Zens
Texts & Photography © Rosemarie Zens and the authors
Layout Maren Detering
Translation Stephen Grynwasser

18,5 x 28 cm
36 pages
2 centerfold images and a couple of installation views
German / English
Edition of 250

EUR 15,00
Edition WortOrt, Berlin 2018
ISBN 978-3-9820363-1-1

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