The Sea Remembers

Decades after World War II, Rosemarie Zens returns for the first time to the town in today’s Poland where she was born. In 1945, when she was just a young child, her mother had been forced to flee with her in a wave of refugees. She embarks on a search for clues about her early life, a quest to find out what origins and the memory traces that remain might tell her about her first formative experiences. With her camera, she captures the things that catch her attention: the expanses of meadows, the paths into the unknown, the silhouettes of nighttime shadows. Mysterious and ethereal landscapes mingle with photos from family albums, intertwining fragmentary memories with pictorial inventions.
(from the press release)

Essays: Rosemarie Zens
Design: Eva Maria Kroder / Rosemarie Zens

Selected title German Photo Book Award 2015

18,5 x 25 cm   DFP_2015_Nominiert
French flap dust jacket (poster 71 x 40 cm)
144 pages
30 color and 20 b/w ills.
Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2014
ISBN 978-3-86828-505-5 USC
Euro 36,00 / US$ 50.00

The Sea Remembers in the Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA


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