The Sea Remembers
Legacy. Migration. Memory

Solo exhibition
January 12 – March 5, 2017

Saturday, January 14
Artists Walk / Talk at 5pm
Reception at 7pm

Griffin Museum of Photography
67 Shore Road
Winchester, MA 01890


Elin Spring on her Blog What will you remember?  (Febr. 1, 2017):

In her series The Sea Remembers, Berlin artist Rosemarie Zens mines the story of her mother’s escape from war in March 1945 while carrying her nursing infant (the artist) in a saga her mother only unburdened many decades later as the Berlin Wall fell. Using antique family photographs as a touchstone, Zens returns to a birthplace she never knew, drawing upon “the existential properties of landscapes” to weave reality and fantasy into oblique and poetic images that transmit the sensation of waking from a dream. Zens’ large color landscapes of her Polish birthplace are highly metaphoric, often capturing a frosty and inhospitable winter that weeps “exile”…  → continue to read (external link)


Seeing memories with more than the mind’s eye
Photography review by Mark Feeney in: The Boston Globe (Febr. 23, 2017):

The four shows currently at the Griffin Museum of Photography share a single title: “Legacy. Migration. Memory.” They run through March 5. That rubric is a tall order, and in varying degrees it accurately describes each show.
Rosemarie Zens was born in 1944 in a town in eastern Germany that soon thereafter became part of Poland. She returned with a camera 70 years later. Might that history account for the arresting way in which these pictures feel at once connected to the landscape and apart from it?   → continue to read (external link)


Opening views