As the Eye Wanders



→ Given light back to shadows
–  On passages long before
→ It is not a dream
→ Turning time around
–  I have seen the nature of trees at last
–  Blue notes in many keys


As if there is a 6th sense in making sense

Based on six photograph series we follow the question of how our eyes wander from one image to another to try to find visual coherent compositions. At first two pictures that both contrast and mirror each other were laid out. Then the process was opened to sequences of sets of four and five photographs.

As if there is a 6th sense in making sense our eyes wander in unfolding circles. At the same time our intuition and vision are confirmed by our deeply rooted quest for meaning and relationship.

Along with this discursive game the six sequences, accompanied by aphoristic titles and texts, perform in particular themes and moods. Every image has its unique status in the given orders and in the series as a whole while it derives its essence from having become part of a larger picture.


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