Dream and Truth

On the skin of fishes against the scales
The blueness of blue

For the modern nomad
White paper and quarterly report
Anything crossing his path he names
Unquivering in his squareness
Mysterious radio signals
From the centre of the Milky Way

Surfing electrons
Riding plasma waves
Bending aluminium foil
Accelerating protons
With particle cannons
He builds a stairway to outer space

For children and old people
Dream and truth are one
And who will protect
Those who love?

He who speaks with a forked tongue?
Are you William Blake?
Yes, that’s who I am. I will bring you to the bridge
Made of water and air
In the end this world
Will concern you no longer

Take this heavy load onto the journey
Hard times for sparrows & Co.
Hanging weighed down in the ether
Bumble bees and artists of the air

For it’s autumn now
In the sky
Postcard-sized the loose feather grass