→ The Sea Remembers – Visual Journeys to Landscapes Recalled

Introduction by Prof. Klaus Honnef held during the exhibition opening on April 4, 2018
at the Kommunale Galerie Berlin in collaboration with PhotoWerkBerlin

Technically speaking, photography is a variant of the process of visual reproduction that first emerged with the camera obscura, but in any case before the digital process asserted itself for the capture of photographic images…


→ Framing Memory

Wolfgang Zurborn
in: Rosemarie Zens, Journeying 66, Heidelberg 2012

In Journeying 66 Rosemarie Zens embarks on a very special journey. Her quest to revisit Route 66 after more than 40 years is not driven by nostalgia. Instead she treats it as an experiment to see and find the traces of what she remembers from her first trip in 1966…


→ Images of an Invisible City

Martin Mosebach
in: Rosemarie Zens, Hidden Patterns, Berlin 2011

Rosemarie Zens took on a considerable task when she set out to walk through the streets of Seoul with her camera. Of the world’s ravagedcities – and there is certainly no lack of them in Asia – Seoul has been affected the most visibly. The fire storm of the Korean War swept across the city three times…